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TromboneA Brief History of the Trombone

The trombone is unique because it’s the only modern instrument that uses a slide. The modern trombone is basically the same as when it appeared in 1450. Since the trombone was the only brass instrument at the time that could play all the notes of the scale, composers found it to be a very useful and popular instrument.

The trombone’s popularity continues to this day. It is widely used in orchestras, marching bands, concert bands, jazz bands and rock bands.

The trombone is a member of the brass family of instruments. Also, students who are interested in playing the tuba, should begin by playing the trombone

Things to Consider in Choosing to Play the Trombone

Below are some factors one should consider when choosing the trombone. While it is not mandatory that a student wishing to play the trombone possess each characteristic listed, the chance for success will be greatly increased if a number of these factors are present.

  • Stature is adequate to handle the size of the instrument and reach the lower slide positions.
  • Lips are medium to thick. Thin lips are often better suited for the smaller mouthpiece of the trumpet or french horn.
  • Student is immediately able to produce a clear “buzz” on the mouthpiece.
  • Generally, braces are not a hindrance in forming a correct embouchure.
  • Student is able to sing a simple melody
  • Dependability and sense of responsibility are strong.

Suggested Brands

Instrument brands listed in bold are the director’s recommended brands. Currently, I believe the Yamaha product is the best student-line instrument available today. Based on my many years experience teaching Band, Yamaha has proven to be the most consistent and well-built instrument for the middle school band student.

Yamaha, Bach, Jupiter