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Things to Consider in Choosing to Play Percussion

Below are some factors one should consider when choosing percussion. While it is not mandatory that a student wishing to play percussion possess each characteristic listed, the chance for success will be greatly increased if a number of these factors are present. Please note: Students interested in playing percussion will be evaluated throughout the first nine-week term and begin percussion instruction during the second term.

  • Stature is adequate to handle the size and weight of the instrument (on and off the school bus).
  • Student possess a high degree of self-control and is self-motivated.
  • Student has an average to above average attention span and is not easily distracted or bored.
  • Physical coordination is exceptional.
  • Commitment to becoming a “complete percussionist” (not just “drums”) is unwavering.
  • Previous piano experience is desired and helpful.
  • Math and reading skills are above average.
  • Parental support is strong.